A Day in the Park with Rivers

Rivers is my next door neighbor. His parents are good friends of mine. He is named after the leader singer for Weezer. He is also now 18 months old. Sounds like the perfect time for some portraits!

It’s always great doing a laid-back shoot with people you know (and like). We took Rivers to the park, and basically let him run around and do his thing while my wife and I photographed it. It works SO much better than trying to set them up in a studio for a formal portrait – especially with a kid that young. At the park, he’s having fun, enjoying himself, hanging out with his parents, and having a grand ole time. Even better, we had fun, too!

Also, I need to give props where they are due. The first 7 photos were taken by my wife, who is a fine photographer in her own right. While she was rocking out our normal camera, I was using a Nikon EM, a sweet film camera from 1979. Using film is a great way to get the creative juices flowing, and those photos turned out well, too! The last 3 here were on the film camera. This is a toy I’ll have to play with more…













~ by Peter on July 28, 2009.

2 Responses to “A Day in the Park with Rivers”

  1. great pics!

  2. Great pics. I have a grant pending to start an online community newspaper. If it comes through I will definitely solicit your freelance services.

    Your Education Consultant,


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