Too much to say

So, it’s been almost a month since I’ve blogged anything. It isn’t because there’s nothing happening – it’s because there’s too much happening, too much thinking, too much to write about. I often walk away from a day thinking I should write about it and process it…. I put it off until the next day, except then I find something new that I need to write.

In an effort to limit that, I’m going to make it a personal goal to write twice a week. We’ll see how well it goes…

Until then, here’s a snapshot of the past month…

My sister-in-law moved into college here in Chicago last weekend, and the in-laws got to visit. Good times, and I’m really glad she’s going to school here.

I shot a wedding a couple weeks ago, headshots two days ago, and am in several conversations about weddings and portraits. Busy time for photography. I’m glad.

Started the new year for youth group a few weeks ago. The new crop of 6th graders is pretty cool, and the mix of new and old high schoolers will be…. interesting. I hope the freshmen will be able to put some new energy into the senior high. Unfortunately, we also lost two very awesome leaders who took a job in another church. On the bright side, we gained two more awesome leaders.

Things continue to be go on with the local kids in the neighborhood. After school program has started, but only for the elementary-age kids. I’m trying to meet with the junior high kids outside of the building, but nothing official. We’re trying to foster for more interaction between church and neighborhood kids, making connections with hard-to-reach kids, gaining trust with some of them, and yet realizing how little influence we have with there are tons of fights during the week.

Oh, and looking into grants, trying to balance what is essentially 2 different ministries, save time for photography and general sanity and people and growth….

Life’s very busy, there is a lot going on, but at the moment, I really have no idea what is actually happening and what we’re accomplishing long-term. I do well with some kids and get hugs from them, I’m encouraged with other kids just hold their tongue, and I have others threaten to beat me up and break our windows. And those are just the ones I’m trying to bring INTO the church, to say nothing of the ones who are already here.

How’s that for tons of info with nothing specific?

~ by Peter on September 27, 2008.

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