Portraits Long Overdue

Back in May, just Wheaton College (my alma mater) was gearing up for finals week and summer, my wife and I had a almost-graduated friend in for dinner and some portraits. Unfortunately, this summer has been so busy with church work and some weddings that it wasn’t until these past couple of weeks that I had a chance to process her images. These photos was just for fun, and they were! Thanks to my extremely patient model, too.


~ by Peter on August 24, 2008.

2 Responses to “Portraits Long Overdue”

  1. “Prayer for both reconciliation, but also clear expectations and firm boundaries,” … add “with clear equitable consequences”
    and we have the beginnings of a solution. Welcome without boundaries, rules and consequences is one reason I personally find Wednesday nights beyond my current strength and energy levels. I am heartened to hear that you “stuck up” for another church member. This is a positive step and lets attenders know all the adults are on the same page. Don’t give up!

  2. peter, these are incredible! i was there, and i’m still amazed at the quality of these shots. you’re really really talented.

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