The things we learn at youth group…

Tonight, during the lesson at youth group, we learned some important lessons:

1.  The strongest man in the Bible was named Salmon.

2. Jacob is Abraham’s son.

3. Jacob and Abraham, or Jacob’s son and Jacob, or some similar mixture, are the people in the parable of the prodigal son.

My youth crack me up.

Despite their questionable Biblical knowledge, we had a REALLY good discussion tonight, talking about loving as Christ teaches vs. how the world loves.  Lots of good, tangible content, stories, and Biblical context.  They were able to give tons of examples from the Bible of what God’s love looks like (even if all their facts weren’t straight), and several people who usually don’t get into the discussions actually had something to say.

Coming back from vacation, pretty apprehensive about what the next several months were going to bring…. this was an encouraging night.  Praise the Lord.

~ by Peter on August 3, 2008.

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