Mystery Trip!

This past week, Chicago Public Schools have been on spring break. Because I like taking advantage of days without school, I took some of the kids from youth group on a Mystery Trip around Chicago! I had fun – it was a really good chance to just hang out with them, and just as important, it gave them a chance to hang out with each other. They haven’t done that as much as they always used to, so it excites me when they do, especially with it’s Jr. and Sr. High together.

We started the day going to a pottery studio, where we spent a couple hours painting pottery that will then be fired in a kiln, so we can actually use it. Interesting, creative, and a chance for them to sit around and talk while keeping their hands busy.

After that, we had lunch at a diner-like place downtown, which my wife joined us for. And then, dessert was free samples at the Hershey store.

In the afternoon, I gave them a couple of options, but we basically just played games outside of the Field Museum all afternoon. Finally, we ended the day by joining a group from our church at the anti-war rally downtown, marking the anniversary of the start of the Iraq war. We didn’t stay for too long, but it was good for them to see first-hand what several in our congregation are actively involved in.

Anyway, some pictures from me:


And, some photos by one of my favorite new photographers, Abina:

~ by Peter on March 21, 2008.

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