Review and Preview

Relieving – although now a lot of my frantic searching earlier this week turned out to be unnecessary, it looks like we’ll be able to take our Sr. High retreat at the camp we’d originally planned on.

Saddening – this Sunday was supposed to be the youth group’s first service night at our new location, but some snags showed up in the planning, and we couldn’t set it up quite yet.  The game we’re doing instead should still be fun, though.

Encouraging – interest by a company for headshots for their entire office.  It might not go through, but it’s still exciting to even have prospects of “big” photography jobs.

Tiring – this week.  Lots of anxiety over big things to come.  Again, not having to worry about a SH retreat location is now a huge relief.

Exciting – thinking about things like our new apartment in a couple of weeks, hanging out with kids over their spring break next week, looking into licencing  to be more “official” in this job, and writing a proposal to describe what I would do and dream of doing if I moved up to full-time.

Anxiousness – still lots to plan.

Anticipation – Tuesday I’m taking a day-retreat at a Benedictine monastery down on the south side (unfortunately, I couldn’t find a Franciscan one… oh well!).  I’m looking forward to some time alone, with God, without having to worry about everything I have to do, and to spend more time focusing on me and Him.

~ by Peter on March 15, 2008.

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