Spanish Classes, and more headshots

Tonight, I started taking Spanish classes again. After two years in high school, and another year and a half in college, I still was never actually able to converse in it until I spent a summer in Honduras. I came back, excited that I’d learned something and was vaguely competent in the language.

Then, due to lack of usage, I proceeded to lose my language skills over the next few years. Doh.

So, since it’s a useful language to speak when ministering in the city, I’m taking classes again. Tonight’s class was pretty great – I’m in level 2 class, just to refresh what I’ve learned… and I’m one of only 2 students in the class. The other student and I have a lot in common, – he’s a coordinator for a community non-profit and works with youth, and grew up very close to me in Indiana.

More importantly, I spent an hour and forty-five minutes in class tonight, with my Argentine teacher speaking mostly Spanish, and I managed to follow the vast majority of everything she said. I learned, remember things, and actually felt confident enough to use what I had. I’m looking forward to the rest of this class.


On another note, here are some headshots I’ve done in the past few weeks. Plus, I finally updated my photography website today. Huzzah for a busier photo season!


~ by Peter on February 13, 2008.

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