Assorted happenings

Monday, Howard Area’s high school drop-in center was open again. They had reopened earlier the week before, but Monday is the first time I was there. For the first third of the time I was there, absolutely no kids were there. Or, if they were, they were told to leave for not having turned in their permission slip, or for using gang signs. Apparently the leaders decided that things were getting way too out of control in the past (I’d agree), and that it was time to crack down. Good for them.

Eventually a kid came in, and just hung out with the adults for awhile. That’s how I got to meet Wayne, a 15-year old who really does have a promising future, as long as he stays away from the snares on the street that are in his past.

Wayne and I played pool for awhile when no one else was there. We didn’t go too deep or anything, but it was nice to be able to start getting to know one of the guys without the distraction of some of the rougher ones calling attention to themselves. Eventually Jimmy, one of the kids I already knew, came in, and played with us. Another good kid. I’m a big fan of coming down hard on troublemakers; it makes me sad that they can’t be included, but I’d rather exclude a few (until they’re ready to make the necessary changes) from a program if it means you have that much better a chance of investing in those who are ready to do something with their lives.


nursinghome-030.jpgOn Tuesday, we took our after school program kids to a nursing home, where they met with residents and gave them some posters they had made. It was a great way to push some of the kids out of their comfort zone, introduce them to something new, and brighten the day for some of the people who lived there.











It was a little scary, but I think a lot of the kids enjoyed it. And their colorful poster was definitely a treat.








~ by Peter on February 7, 2008.

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