It’s been a month and a half since I wrote on here.  Sorry about that.

A lot has happened since mid-December, many of them worth their own post.  Unfortunately, I’m not going to go back and write one for everything.  So, we get a general glimpse into “What Peter’s Been Up To!”

1.  High school after school program with Howard Area Community Center – just before Christmas, it was pretty well confirmed by most of the kids that I am not, in fact, a cop.  Unfortunately, I haven’t been back since then.  I took three weeks off around Christmas, was sick when I got back, and then they have been closed the past two weeks for “reorganization”.  Doh.  They said they’d be open next week, though.  I’m also planning to start going to a guy’s small group on Wednesdays, once they restart.  That should make it easier to get to know some guys on a more personal level than I can in the large groups.  I just hope they remember I don’t have a badge.

2.  Travels.  I feel like we did a lot.  Went to Indiana to hang out with my family for several days around Christmas.  Back to Chicago, then back to Indiana just a couple days later, then back to Chicago that same day.  A few days later, fly out to San Francisco.  Spend 4 days with my wife’s family, then fly to Denver.  Spend a couple days with friends from school and their new baby.  Finally, fly back to Chicago, and stay there.  Oy.

3.  InnerCHANGE.  Our last night in San Francisco, we got to spend in the Mission District with our friends from InnerCHANGE.  We got gelato with a couple that night, went to Tuesday morning prayers the next morning (which is always refreshing), totally surprised another friend who had no idea we had come, got our own patch for the Outer Circle (one of IC’s groups… you guys are awesome, if anyone of you read this!), and then have lunch with yet another friend.  I like these people.   A lot.

4.  Pictures.  Most of you haven’t seen them, but I’ve taken a lot lately, including cute baby pictures while we were in Denver.  I also have a photoshoot with a model coming up this weekend, which is exciting. I’ll try to post some up eventually.

5.  Youth group.  It’s been a busy season!  We took a couple weeks off from group during Christmas (esp. since I was traveling), but had an all-night lock-in right after Christmas, which was awesome for my first one with the group.  Thankfully there were some great sr. highers who helped organize it.  Then, the next day after our return from California, we went on a weekend retreat with the sr. high.  Came back for a week, got back into the groove of working (tougher for my wife, who has a normal 9-5…. she’s pretty amazing), then back to the same place AGAIN for a retreat with the jr. high.  That’s all including the 3-4 hour drive to the retreat through rush hour traffic, after coordinating picking up all the kids from school.  It was great.  I’m very grateful for my fellow youth leaders who were willing to make a point to hang out with the kids who weren’t at the retreats.  And now, finally back to a normal schedule.

6.  Gifts.  Yay for Christmas!  Gifts normally aren’t that big of a deal for me, but I still appreciate getting new stuff.  My favorites are my new professional lens (how could it not be?  It’s amazing!) from various family members, and a butterfly knife given to me by my sister-in-law’s fiance.  It’s hard to go wrong when you’re adding to my knife collection.  Also, my wife got a donation for a djembe (that’s an African drum), so I’m looking forward to her picking one out.

7.  Pupusas.  I just discovered that there is a Salvadoran restaurant not too far from me that has excellent pupusas (great food from Honduras and El Salvador).  I love pupusas. I think that should become a great hang-out spot for me in the future…mm….

8.  Resolutions.  I don’t like New Year’s Resolutions, so I’ve never really made any.  However, over the past month, there have been several things I have wanted to do, or at least think about, so here are some non-binding, non-new year’s quasi-resolutions.  Or something.

  • Managing my time.  There are things I want to do more of, and I want to manage my time better so I can.  Structure is usually good for me, so sometimes it’s tough when my job lets me create my own.
  • Office hours.  I want to make a point of being in the office more, or at coffee shops, or something.  Work less from home.
  • Play harmonica.  Never going to get any good if I only practice once every several weeks.
  • Spanish.  I really need to practice a lot more, if I ever again want to be able to use it practically.
  • Senior high.  Most of this past fall has been spent focusing on my junior high group, and some parts of the senior high had suffered more than I expected.  JH stuff is back up and running, so it’s time to get back to strengthening the other walls of our fortress, beginning with strengthening relationships.
  • Neighborhood kids.  Still want to work harder at getting to know teens in the neighborhood.  It hasn’t been easy, with so little contact with them.
  • Back to school.  What???  I’ve always hoped I wouldn’t ever do this, I was sick of it.  But there’s at least one place where I could get some practical urban ministry classes, all distance learning, so I could keep doing everything I already am.  It would certainly be helpful, both with the church and with future work.  I’m not saying that I’m enrolling… but I do want to keep thinking about it.

And that’s your long recap of the past several weeks.  I’ll have to write more often so it won’t always be as long.


~ by Peter on January 29, 2008.

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  1. just curious .. since we went to the same school .. who were you visiting in denver that recently had a baby? i just found out that another friend who i knew from yhm is recently married. ah.. being out of the loop .. but there are so many loops …

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