Tonight was our Christmas party celebrating all the awesome people who volunteer with any facet of children’s ministry at our church, from tykes all the way up through my high schoolers.  I spent this morning hanging out with some friends who are youth leaders at our “mother church”, lunch with one of my mentors, went to get some groceries, and then came back and baked like a mad wookie.  That’s right, you heard me.  Er, read me.

Anyway, I came home to bake two pans of brownies (dark chocolate-ish, and one with peanut butter cups), and a bunch of cupcakes (complete with exciting frosting designs!).  Plus, I had a bunch of thank-you cards to finish, and a giant salad to make.

You’d think my wife and I would be on top of stuff enough to have done some of this work yesterday.  Well, we were – however, most of our eggs had gone bad.  Everything we were using was from a very simple mix, which only needs 3 additional ingredients.  Unfortunately, eggs was one ingredient that we couldn’t skip on.  Hence, the hectic baking today.

So, keep your eggs fresh!

In other news, this weekend should be fun.  Some time to relax tomorrow, then a wedding (I’m observing, not shooting, unfortunately) tomorrow night.  Sunday night, we’ll have youth group at one of the kids’ houses, which will be good.  I really like getting into people’s homes and out of the meetinghouse; conversation seems to be so much easier and real, and the atmosphere is just a lot more comforting.  We’ll be finishing our conversation on being the Beloved, and hopefully we’ll be able to have a good talk about what it looks like to be Christ’s Beloved, and treat others as if they are His Beloved as well, specifically within the context of our youth group.   We’ll also be starting a spiritual practice/sharing time which I’m praying will go over well.  I’m looking forward to it, and you’ll probably hear about it later.

Today, my belovedness is about an 8 out of ten.  Good conversations and affirming awesome people make my soul happy.

And remember, check your eggs!

~ by Peter on December 15, 2007.

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