Last night, my wife and I were attacked by a crazed mob of snowball-wielding hooligans. In our apartment. On the 10th floor of our building. My socks got wet.

If it’s the first big snow of the year, you’ve already heard people are playing outside, and then a friend (who you know you should never trust) comes by and says they were just “out walking”… you should hide.

I love the people in my church!


Last Monday was a great day as far as making contacts with people and youth in the area. Soon before I left for Howard Area Community Center‘s after school program, my pastor called me letting me know that our church was hosting a youth and police dinner, hosted by the Organization of the NorthEast…that very evening. I’ve been wanting to make some connections with ONE, but oy… so much for Monday being a restful day for me.

Turns out that a lot of the staff and youth from Howard Area were going to the dinner anyway, so it worked out just fine. Unfortunately, I was the only person from my church at the dinner… but it was really good. I got to meet several people from different organizations who are working with youth in the neighborhood, connect with a few of the police officers who patrol the neighborhood, and get to know the Howard Area staff better in a different context. It was a really good chance for me to play host, so I felt like I was more involved than I’ve been at Howard Area. Also, it was a really good chance for me to be introduced to the youth as the youth pastor of this church… not just the quiet volunteer who comes in on Mondays. Different settings and contexts are really good.

Now, I’m meeting with the youth worker on staff with ONE next week. Considering it was less than a month ago that I first started getting involved with neighborhood youth, things are developing pretty quickly. I’m excited.

~ by Peter on December 5, 2007.

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