A few quick updates thrown out there…

Last week was rough for me.  Wasn’t bad work-wise, things went pretty well… actually, there really wasn’t any reason for it to be tough.  Mostly, my mind just turned off for a week.  It was kinda frustrating, but I’m mostly back into it.

Saturday morning, drove up to Deerfield (a suburb a half-hour away) to pick up some Thanksgiving baskets, provided by a church up there and made available through an organization our After-School Program works with.  I was supposed to pick up 25… 15ish for the families of our ASP kids, and another ten for the deacons in the church to use as they saw fit.  What I didn’t realize, however, was that these were big laundry baskets, and there was no way I was fitting 25 in my little old Saturn.  Oops.  We managed to squeeze in 16, and a nearby church put my other 9 in their van.  I picked those up Monday, and we passed them out to the families this evening after our program.  Extra hassle, but actually a good way to get to know the coordinator and info about another after school program in the area.

Saturday night… surprise birthday party and contra/square dancing for an amazing woman in our church.  Haven’t done any square dancing in a long time, and I made a point of spending most of the night photographing, so I would have an excuse not to dance.  Still, I got in one… coveniently don’t have pictures of me, of course.  Anyway, fun dancing photos, and other photos from my church, can be found here.

Our church had its annual flag football game on Sunday, which replaced youth group.  I mostly organized it, since it’s youth led, but I suck at football, and don’t know too much about it, just the basics of how to play.  Thankfully, there were better players there who  didn’t mind directing the games.  My team was beaten pretty soundly, but it was fun.  Definitely sore the next couple of days, though.

Leaving to go back home to Indiana for Thanksgiving, and will stay there all weekend.  Looking forward to a nice break with a lot less responsibility, and hopefully will get some good reading and visioning for the youth done, without having to worry about all of the little stuff.

~ by Peter on November 20, 2007.

One Response to “Updates”

  1. Vacations are nice… I can’t wait until I can take one. “Gary Indiana?” You know you will start singing it.

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