A Glimpse

So far, everything on here as been text, no photos. Since Mondays are, for the most part, my day off, I thought today might be a good chance to show a little bit of the past month and prove I take pictures, too, though none of these were from professional jobs. So here are some slices from life… most of the photos were taken by me, but not all.

Youth Group Fall Party


We carved pumpkins. Our kids are creative. And best of all, nobody cut off their fingers!


Umm… there was a ninja in the kitchen… wonder who that is.

Yuk, pumpkin guts.

I PROMISE nobody cut their fingers off.

Lemonade Stand – On Halloween, members of our church set up a lemonade/hot cider stand to greet trick-or-treaters as they came by the meetinghouse. There were some impressive outfits.


This guy was smoking hot. Not cold. At all.

Super Pregnant Lady… or something to that effect…

It’s hard to say no to the Sword of the Spirit when it’s a great big kitchen knife.

Trick or Treating – with the After School Program

The junior high program’s coordinator, clowning around. Sorry, that was bad.

Gettin’ candy…

Puttin’ on the make-up…

About to head out…

Before trick-or-treating, the junior highers had a reward day at the park. This is one of my favorite photos from the day.

CCDA – and finally, though a little old… earlier this month Liz and I went to the CCDA conference in St. Louis. Here’s a couple from that.

A shot of the arch. The conference was in a hotel immediately to my left… literally a block away from the Arch.

And finally, another shot of the Arch, with a cute model.

And soon, I’ll put up some headshots I recently took as well. You’ll get to see a couple later this week, once we’ve picked a final image.

By the way, for anyone interested, you can see more photos from myself and others in my church at http://www.flickr.com/photos/lwccphotography

~ by Peter on November 5, 2007.

One Response to “A Glimpse”

  1. that ninja looks like he’s cinyiving something awful.

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