The Introduction

Hi. I’m Peter. I’m the author/writer/blogger/whatever. Welcome to your little glimpse into my life.

I’ve tried blogging in the past. I’ve started a couple, wrote a couple of posts, and let it die off. I never felt that I had anything worth writing about.

So why start now?

I should probably back up first, and tell you a little bit about myself. I’m a follower of Jesus Christ- that’s the basis for anything else I do. I’m married, and have been living on the north side of Chicago since I graduated from college a couple of years ago. We attend a small church just a few blocks away from us, though this isn’t just your typical church. These are who are people very intentional about sharing their lives together, and have a strong desire to seek out what it means to actually BE the church in our neighborhood and the world. The church certainly doesn’t have everything figured out yet… far from it. But it’s a church where, if you’re not challenged and involved, you’re clearly not paying much attention. It’s moving in a very good direction.

How is this relevant? A couple months ago, I got a job I really wanted, but one I had never expected: I was hired as the youth pastor at our church. I have done a lot of youth work, and studied urban ministry in college… it just took a year and a half for a job to open up. I never planned on being a youth pastor in a church, but in a church in the city, it’s all a part of urban ministry.

That’s only my first job, however. Since my work with the church is only part-time, I also run my own photography business – again, part-time. Weddings, portraits, fundraisers, etc… you name it, I’m probably happy to do it. It’s a great way to use my more creative side, it’s something where I can actually see visible improvement… and hopefully, I can get my camera to pay for itself.

So back to the first question. Why am I starting to write now? Simply, it’s because now I feel that I have something worthwhile to write about. Or rather, I feel I have something now where writing is worthwhile. The writing will benefit me, and Lord willing, maybe you.

This is a time where I’ll have a lot to say, a lot to process, and a lot to learn. Trying to figure out two jobs, where I make my own rules for both (within reason). Attempting to be “successful” in a photography industry that takes a lot of time and energy to do it well, when I don’t have that time and energy. Learning how to effectively disciple the kids in my church, and care for the other youth in my neighborhood… areas which each need their own full-time workers.

Mostly, this is a time for me to learn what it means to love and pastor people… not pastoring as a job title, but as a calling and a way of life. Caring, discipling, empowering, walking with, and chasing after people. Pastoring is something I’ll always be doing, whatever the setting, and whatever my job.

At the moment – I have very little idea of how to do all this. Lord help us all.

So what can you expect? Stories. Musings. Photos from some of my work. Complaints and Frustrations. Prayers and Desires for change. And hopefully, a record of the things the Lord is teaching me, and a testimony to His love and patience when I don’t learn.

We’ll see what happens.

~ by Peter on November 2, 2007.

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